Nissan Ariya Vs. Tesla Model Y

The Nissan Ariya has already been turning countless heads, despite it being one of Nissan’s newest additions to the EV market. The Tesla Model Y, which is the current number one pick for EV SUV enthusiasts now has a serious rival, it seems. People who had previously been considering the purchase of a Tesla Model Y will now be thinking about switching to the Nissan Ariya instead.

So, how will a Nissan Ariya vs Tesla Model Y comparison turn out? Which out of the two is the better EV SUV? Our exclusive Nissan Ariya vs Tesla Model Y comparison is here to find out.

The Battle of the EV SUVs – Nissan Ariya vs Tesla Model Y

The introduction of the Ariya from Nissan came as no surprise from anyone, as Nissan’s previous EV release – the Leaf – is really beginning to show its age. Nissan hopes that the Ariya will usher in a new age of premier Nissan EVs.

When being compared to the Tesla Model Y, the Nissan Ariya comes in at roughly the same size, and with a comparable level of cargo space. Of the two, the base trim of the Nissan Ariya is significantly cheaper than the Tesla Model Y, so if you are looking for a basic EV SUV that’s going to be reliable, then with the Nissan Ariya you are going to save money.

The AWD version of the Ariya has an estimated range of 265 miles, but the FWD version is estimated to up that to 300 miles. Both ranges are less than the Tesla Model Y at 330 miles, which explains why the Tesla is more expensive. If you are only likely to be using your Nissan Arya for short hops around town and transporting your children to their sports meets, then paying the premium for the Tesla Model Y does not make much sense at all.

Continuing the Comparison of the Nissan Ariya vs Tesla Model YOne criticism of Tesla Model Y drivers is that they just want to be seen driving a Tesla Model Y. If scoring virtue points is low down on your list of priorities, then the Nissan Ariya will suit you fine – in fact, from the design of the Nissan Ariya people won’t be able to tell that you are driving an EV at all with its sleek exterior and typical Nissan stylings. Inside though, you are indeed sure that you are driving an EV, with all the tech benefits such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto (not available in any Tesla) as standard and an incredibly quiet cabin.We think that the Nissan Ariya has a great future ahead of it, and Tesla now has another new rival to think about seriously. If you are excited about the Nissan Ariya and want to learn more about it, then why not contact the Charlie Clark Nissan dealership in Brownsville today? You can speak to a friendly member of our support team at any time - call (956) 303-6690 or contact us online here.

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