Honda CRV Vs Nissan Rogue

Due to its position at the peak of popularity in the United States, the compact SUV has saturated the market with high-quality vehicles that make the decision of what to buy incredibly difficult. When you look for the finest compact SUV, you will often find that the Honda CRV and Nissan Rogue break away from the masses and are among the best. But which one should you consider? Read on below to find out.

Honda CRV VS Nissan Rogue Standard And Optional Features

On newer standard models, the Nissan Rogue and Honda CRV share several features on the baseline. These include Bluetooth connectivity, keyless ignition, and adaptive cruise control. However, the Rogue adds a few extra essentials with the built-in satellite radio and parking assistance in the form of Nissan's Pro-Pilot automated system.

Winner: Nissan Rogue

Source Honda and Nissan Media

Honda CRV VS Nissan Rogue Power And Performance Comparison

The Rogue vs. CRV performance will change depending on your chosen model year and trim level. However, for the sake of brevity, today we will look at the most recent models as a baseline that carries through all standard trims from 2021 until now.

Nissan Rogue Specs:

Engine Power: 201 hp @ 5,600 rpm

Engine Torque: 225 ft-lb @ 2,800 rpm

Engine Configuration: Inline 3

Fuel Economy: 30 City / 37 Highway / 33 Combined MPG

Towing Capacity: 1,500 lbs

Honda CRV Specs:

Engine Power: 190 hp @ 6,000 rpm

Engine Torque:179 ft-lb @ 1,700 rpm

Engine Configuration: Inline 4

Fuel Economy: 28 City / 34 Highway / 30 Combined MPG

Towing Capacity: 1,500 lbs

If you need to tow something, both vehicles have the capacity. However, the Rogue has slightly more horsepower and torque, making it a little easier to climb hills, take on rough road conditions while towing, and generally feel more powerful and responsive when driving. Additionally, you can go farther with the Rogue thanks to its superior fuel efficiency. With its slightly smaller size, the Rogue has an increase in handling with a smaller turning radius.

Winner: Nissan Rogue

Source Honda and Nissan Media

Honda CRV VS Nissan Rogue: Which Is More Comfortable?

Since you will spend all your time inside the car, comfort and convenience are necessary. Regarding infotainment and control options, the CRV and Rogue have nearly identical layouts and interactivity, leaving the comfort winner to be decided by roominess and how the seats perform on long rides. Both the CRV and Rogue can comfortably seat five. However, the Rogue has a few extra inches of leg and headroom for taller drivers and passengers, which is not a massive concern for most of the population. What does make the difference is that, like all newer Nissan vehicles, the addition of zero gravity seats helps with posture and comfort, making the Nissan Rogue one of the best compact SUVs for long trips.

Winner: Nissan Rogue

Honda CRV VS Nissan Rogue: The Conclusion

So, when it comes down to the superior compact SUV, which is best? Despite its slightly higher price tag, the Honda CRV fails to deliver on almost all fronts. The more modestly priced Nissan Rogue is superior in all aspects, including performance, reliability, comfort, and tech. While the CRV is by no means a bad vehicle, when put up against the competition, it is destined to fade into the background noise of the crowds of other mediocre compact SUVs, making the Nissan Rogue our pick by a mile.



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