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The Model Y is one of Tesla's newest model options in their legendary electric vehicle inventory. It is an all-electric crossover that brings more room than the sleeker sedan-style Model 3 while trading away a bit of its power in exchange for an expanded size. There isn't much history to explore with the Model Y as sales started in 2019; however, the short time since its release means that the Model Y has only a single generation, and each model year shares the essentials.

Used Tesla Model Y Brownsville

Model Y Specs

The Model Y shares very similar specs across each model year, with only the interior and tech being upgraded or changed between the release years. For this example, we will explore the ground level of what you can expect from a used Tesla Model Y.

• Vehicle Type: Crossover compact sedan. (front- and mid-motor, all-wheel-drive, 5-passenger, 4-door wagon) • Motor Specifications: 1 permanent-magnet synchronous AC, 1 AC induction, 272 and 212 hp; combined output, 384 hp, 376 lb-ft; 80.5-kWh lithium-ion battery pack. • Range: The Tesla Model Y has two different battery options, standard and long-range. Standard batteries have an EPA estimated range of 303 miles on a single charge. Long-range batteries have an average capacity of 326 miles.

Pros Of The Tesla Model Y

Tesla vehicles are not inexpensive cars, but when you purchase a Model Y, you will notice that price exists for a good reason. The most appealing aspect of Tesla ownership is its peerless battery life and range. Boasting over 300 miles on a single charge gives you enough juice for short road trips, day-long adventures, and an eco-friendly commuting option. On standard AC outlets, the Model Y charges in about 8.5 - 10 hours. Yet, if you can access a Tesla supercharger, the Tesla can be charged from 10%-80% in as little as 30 minutes.

Autopilot and the luxury tech Tesla is known for is another selling point pushing the Model Y to a tier above the competition. Autopilot isn't the only driver assistance feature, as the 2020 Model Y debuted with the following:

• Blind Spot Alerts And Monitoring • Side And Front Collision Warning • Automatic Emergency Brake • Automatic Parking Assistance And Parallel Parking Camera

Finally, there is the absolute comfort that comes with driving a Model Y. As it is slightly larger than most of Tesla's other compact vehicles, the Model Y provides ample legroom and can comfortably seat five, even on long journeys. There is plenty of cargo space in the back and tons of storage room when the seats are flipped down to provide more room. Finally, the seats are comfortable, and the interior provides intuitive controls that let you and your passengers relax.

Used Tesla Model Y Brownsville

Cons Of A Used Model Y

Suppose you are in the market for a used Model Y. In that case, you may find that it is still quite a bit more expensive than other vehicles of the same model year, and even some brand-new EVs that can be your breakthrough into the electric vehicle market, albeit with fewer luxury features and diminished battery life. The average price for a used Model Y is around $35,000 for standard and up to $44,000 for the premier trims.

Should You Get A Model Y?

Give the Model Y a chance, even if this is your first all-electric vehicle. Here at Charlie Clark Brownsville, we have a vast stock of used cars and are dedicated to finding you the best deal for your pocketbook. Call, come on down, or check out our inventory on our website today!

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