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The Hyundai Kona has been a staple of the Hyundai brand since its release in 2017. There it saw initial success in several overseas markets in addition to the US, but it wasn't until 2019 that the Kona EV entered the market. Standing alongside its sister EV, the Ioniq, the Kona EV was Hyundai's second all-electric vehicle. Slightly more robust than the sedan-style Ioniq and classified as a compact crossover SUV, the Kona is an impressive little car that is the perfect daily driver, commuter, and family car.

Used Hyundai Kona EV Brownsville

2019 Kona

The first step for the Kona into the EV market went pretty well, and the 2019 model sets the foundation which each model year would build upon. The 2019 Kona debuted with two battery options, a choice between the smaller 39.2 kWh and the long-range 64 kWh. The larger battery boasts a decent 258-mile range. Further, the 2019 Kona has options for standard AC charging and quick charge, taking nine h at 220V, and 1.25h at 440V. While not the fastest for road trips, the Kona can go the distance and provide an exceptionally smooth drive.

2020 Kona

The second year of the Kona does little to change up the formula as it shares the same battery, charging times, and EPA-estimated driving distance. What it does improve upon is relatively minor, with the most prominent new feature being a battery-warming system that can help speed up the charging process in cold weather. However, this niche case doesn't improve the regular charging times. Regarding price, you may find a better deal with the 2020 than the 2019, as they both have retained your value and share a similar price point.

2021 Kona

There are no changes between the 2021 and 2020 models beyond a few software upgrades.

2022 Kona

We finally have some significant changes between the older models and this soft generational reboot. The 2022 Kona upgraded its style for the front end, lights, and wheels, giving it a more sleek profile that separates it from its predecessors. Furthermore, the lineup was slimmed down to offer only three trim options, and the interior was updated, increasing the size of the infotainment system and integrating standard tech into the standard versions. There is no smaller battery option with the 2022 Kona, and while it shares the same 258-mile range, it does improve charging options, although only by a few minutes, with charge times reported by Hyundai to be 9.25h at 220V, 1.07h at 440V.

Used Hyundai Kona EV Brownsville

2023 Kona

The final model year you will find on a used lot, the 2023 Kona EV, shares the same DNA as each before. With the same battery life, charging time, horsepower, and design as the 2022 model, the most significant change of the 2023 model has to do with its onboard computer. New driver assistance features were added to the standard editions and a few extra options on the premium trims. These changes include the following:

• blind-spot monitoring • rear cross-traffic alert • and Hyundai's safe-exit warning system (watches for bikers, pedestrians, and oncoming traffic to ensure you exit safely)

• blind-spot monitoring • rear cross-traffic alert • and Hyundai's safe-exit warning system (watches for bikers, pedestrians, and oncoming traffic to ensure you exit safely)

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