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With a better reliability score and lower-than-average pricing compared to GMC and Ford, Chevrolet vehicles represent some of the best cars on the market today. With choices ranging from the sporty muscle to family vehicles and SUVs, alongside some of the most recognizable pickups on the road, you will surely find a Chevy vehicle that suits your needs. This list includes some of our favorites and the most common Chevrolet vehicles that come into our used lot, along with breakdowns of each of them. However, this is by no means a definitive list, and for a full inventory of Chevrolet vehicles available at Charlie Clark of Brownsville, visit our showroom today!

Drive A Legend With A Chevy Camaro

With almost six decades of history, the Chevy Camaro is one of the best-selling American sports cars that is still releasing new models each year. What makes a Camaro worth purchasing used? They have some of the highest reliability scores among the segment when well taken care of and are long-term vehicles with a timeless sense of style. Moreover, there are models and trim levels of the Camaro that range from sporty daily driver all the way up to drag racer that tears up the strip beastly, and all this comes with a five-star safety rating and some of the most advanced tech for recent model years.

Do More Work With The Chevrolet Silverado

While other pickup trucks have a common issue with being pigeonholed into a single purpose, which they master, the Silverado is like a Swiss Army Knife of a pickup. Reliable, with moderate power, excellent towing capacity, and an emphasis on interior comfort, the Silverado is a dependable pickup that performs any task you throw in front of it. If you are looking for a reliable alternative to the Ford F-series, be it for work, hauling, or pleasure, the Silverado is the only other choice of the same caliber.

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If You Are Looking For Years Of Reliability, Consider A Used Chevy Equinox

With the right Chevy Equinox, you can find a fantastic family SUV that will last a long time and provide endless options for exploration. With several engine options, including diesel on older models, the Equinox gets modest miles per gallon, topping out at about 31 MPG for the smaller 1.5L engine options. While you may not be going on any offroad adventures in an Equinox, it makes for an excellent choice for families or commuters who want a little more room than your standard compact vehicle.

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Don't Forget About The Different Sedan Options Like the Malibu

The Malibu is the current headlining mid-sized sedan produced by Chevrolet, and there is a good reason for it. While modern sedans are moving away from the long-form factors and trading dependability for self-driving technologies, the Malibu sticks to its guns, only incorporating the upgrades it needs. This design approach has led the Malibu to be one of the most reliable cars on the road without leaving tech behind. That reliability, emphasis on comfort, and tested design all pair perfectly with the Malibu's incredible efficiency as it delivers upwards of 35 mpg, putting it into competition with other, much less powerful and smaller vehicles.

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