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Kia is among the top three most reliable car makers in the modern market, and it shows through the quality of their vehicles. With many customers stating that their five to ten-year-old cars still drive like new, there has to be something to it. So, what can you expect from a used Kia vehicle from Charlie Clark? Read on to find out.

Benefits Of Kia Ownership

Overall, there are a few things that span the entirety of the Kia brand, regardless of model, year, and trim options.

• Reliable - Kia vehicles are some of the hardiest on the road. When you invest in a Kia, be it new or used, you ensure that you have a vehicle that will easily make it to 100,000+ miles with a low chance of failing. This means that with a Kia, you won't need to anticipate repairs and save yourself thousands on maintenance for the vehicle's lifetime.

• Affordable - Despite their modest price tags, Kia vehicles offer a premium experience at an affordable cost. For the features, reliability, and performance, few others can match the cost-effectiveness of owning a Kia.

• Safe Vehicles - While we would prefer to avoid dangerous situations, they can be inevitable and out of our control on the roads. Kia emphasizes keeping you safe. With many 4 and 5 five-star ratings from the IIHS on many of their vehicles, Kia is among the safest cars on the road.

So, with their great affordability, reliability, safety, and even tech, which are the best Kia models to consider for a used purchase?

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Get Long Lasting Efficiency With The Kia Soul

First up is the Kia Soul, which is the epitome of reliability in the Kia brand. Most reviews of various years of the Kia Soul laud its long-term reliability and, thanks to its decent space, the Soul has the ability to comfortably seat up to five adults without squeezing. Additionally, the Soul is more than just a long-lasting car; it can also go the distance, boasting a fantastic 29-35 mpg depending upon model year.

Go The Distance With The Kia Rio

While not the most powerful or largest vehicle in the Kia roster, the Rio is second only to the Soul regarding reliability. However, where the Soul lacks, the Rio makes up for it. Being small has its benefits, and in the case of the Rio, it is aided by having one of the best fuel efficiencies on the roads today. You can expect to go 33+ miles on a single gallon in the city, and get upwards of 40 mpg on the highway when cruising in a Kia Rio.

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No List Of Kia Vehicles Would Be Complete Without The Forte

Straddling the size between the tiny Rio and the compact SUV fittings of the Soul, the Forte is a perfect storm of everything Kia stands for. It is modestly priced and very reliable, but the strength of the Forte comes in the form of choice. When you take a look at any model year of the Forte, you may notice that there are a bevy of different options. From the potential for an efficient family car and an engine with around 140 horses of power to a sporty 200+hp trim, the Forte is a chameleon that can blend into any lifestyle.

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