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Are you looking for a vehicle that speaks to the adventurous spirit inside you, or do you want a reliable daily driver with a bit more than a small compact that requires you to pack yourself in like sardines? Jeep brand vehicles, while limited in model choices, fulfill all those criteria and more. Therefore, if you are searching for something that can fit into any situation, look no further than the used Jeep offerings at Charlie Clark of Brownsville.

Pros Of Buying A Used Jeep

Before we get into the specifics of various Jeep model types, let's take a look at the features that make the Jeep brand of vehicles some of the best on the road today.

1. Unique Style - When you see a Jeep, you know it is a Jeep. Aesthetically, there is nothing like a Jeep, and the signature body design is undeniably timeless. An older model will share similar looks and facade to even the newest Jeep, which emphasizes the unique stylings of the brand and is the epitome of rugged SUV fashion.

2. Off-road Capacity - Most Jeeps are built to go offroading. Save for the sport versions and the relatively small Compass model, Jeep vehicles emphasize taking on rugged and wild trails. There are few places a Jeep can't go that another vehicle could; therefore, they make for one of the best adventuring tools on the market.

3. Reliability - They're more reliable than almost every other vehicle out today. While many vehicles will see some elements failing at around 100,000 miles and often require more work than they're worth at 150,000+ miles, a Jeep will just keep going. When considering a used Jeep, you can buy it with confidence, knowing it will last for 200,000+ miles when properly maintained.

4. Great Resale Value - The resale value of Jeeps is incredible. A testament to their popularity and reliability, a Jeep holds its value better than any other vehicle with the same model year and mileage.

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Cons Of Buying A Used Jeep

Despite all their benefits and uses, one thing holds Jeeps back from being accessible, and it is directly tied to their fantastic resale values. A used Jeep is going to be expensive. For all the above reasons, a Jeep branded vehicle will cost you a premium over inferior brands.

The Two Most Popular Types Of Jeep Vehicles

Jeep has several different purchasing options, and we can't possibly give a breakdown of all of them here; therefore, we will take a quick moment to spotlight the headlining Wrangler and expansive Gladiator.

The Jeep Wrangler is the quintessential Jeep offroading vehicle, and its boxy design is iconic. When you purchase a used Jeep Wrangler, you buy an efficient, reliable, and potent vehicle that drives smoothly on and off the road. Furthermore, if you want the most highly performing off-road vehicle on the market, the Rubicon trim, with its higher wheelbase and more potent engine, is the obvious choice.

On the larger side than the Wrangler is the Jeep Gladiator. Keeping the same design elements as its iconic little brother, the Gladiator is a truck model available by Jeep. It has the same offroad capabilities but adds a small bed and far superior towing capacity than the Wrangler. For a toy hauler or more versatile ride, take one look at the Gladiator, and you won't be able to turn away.

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Used Jeep Vehicles And More Are Available At Charlie Clark Of Brownsville

Charlie Clark has a wide selection of used vehicles, and Jeeps go fast. Check out our inventory online now, or come on in and try one out for yourself.


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