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Ford has been pumping out automobiles since 1886 and continues to be one of the biggest auto brands in the world. Thanks to their focus on reliability, affordability, durability, and long-term drivability, Ford vehicles make for one of the most accessible choices for a used model vehicle. With some of the best pickups, mid-sized sedans, and eco-friendly vehicles to grace the market in the past decade, you can't go wrong with choosing a used Ford vehicle; so, here is a short list of the best Ford has to offer and what you can expect from their wide selection of options.

Take A Spin In The World's Leading Pickup Truck With The F-150

Alongside the Mustang, the F Series 150 is potentially the most recognizable vehicle from the Ford roster. But why is that? The most likely answer is its popularity and the fact you will see them all over the USA, but that does little to explain why they are so popular. Today, you will see so many F-150s on the road because of their rugged style, reliability, and prolific history. When you purchase a used F-150, you invest in a vehicle that puts power and reliability at the forefront. With the potential to tow upwards of 13,000 lbs on premium models and a respectable 6,000 even on baseline trims, it gets the job done and is a beloved workhorse throughout the United States.

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Get Eye-Catching Style With The Ford Mustang

Standing apart from the F-150, the Ford Mustang has an unmistakable style and a history of delivering high-quality muscle in the form of a sports car with trim options for everyone. Whether you are considering the premium Shelby Cobra model or a standard edition Mustang, there are two things you can count on.

1. Even on the baseline models, you will find a powerhouse beneath the hood. 2. Every model Ford Mustang has a unique style that, despite innovations, still stands out from the crowd.

Go Offroad In A Used Ford Bronco

The Ford Bronco has been designed from the ground up as an offroad beast and an adept toy hauler, alongside being a relatively competent workhorse. While the four-wheel drive model is optional, it is where you will get the most out of Bronco; however, it is also a roomy, family-friendly SUV with several engine options to fit your lifestyle. There is the baseline model, which features a 2.3-liter four-cylinder that offers a smooth and comfortable ride on the road, whereas the beastly 3.0L V-6 can tow upwards of 3,000 + lbs and tackle any off-road obstacle (actual towing capacity will depend upon optional towing package and model year.)

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Invest In Reliability With The Ford Escape

In the oversaturated market of compact SUVs, it is hard to find one that stands out from the rest. However, you need not look further than a Ford Escape for a reliable, well-performing, and comfortable little SUV perfect for in the city or on the open road. While not as highly tuned as its big brother, the Bronco, the Escape gives you a budget-friendly SUV with efficiency to last and which can deliver over 30MPG on the highway. Moreover, you can double down on the efficiency by seeking a used hybrid model and going 40+ miles on a single gallon of gas.

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