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Chrysler is a carmaker that has become well known to residents in the Brownsville area and beyond for many decades. Chrysler’s roots go all the way back to 1904 when it was first established as the Maxwell Motor Company. It was not until the manufacturer was reorganized as the Chrysler Corporation over two decades later that it started to become the brand we know today.

As is the case with so many manufacturers, longevity does not always translate into high-quality and long-term success. In fact, quite the opposite tends to occur. Car makers who have been around a long time tend to wind up resting on their previous laurels and falling prey to the newcomers.

Brownsville Chrysler drivers who are shopping for their next vehicle will find that the innovation and drive of Nissan has led to a fleet of models that outperform their comparable Chrysler models in several categories.

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The Advantages of a Brownsville Nissan Over a Brownsville Chrysler

Nissan did not begin expanding worldwide until the late 1950’s and the competitive drive of the car maker has led to a long list of benefits over domestic manufactures Brownsville Chrysler drivers have trusted previously.

For example, models like the Nissan Maxima hold distinct advantages over what Brownsville Chrysler drivers find in a Chrysler 300. As a full-sized sedan, a new or used Nissan Maxima is perhaps the most versatile vehicle in terms of its style and build. The Maxima definitely toes the line between sporty and sophisticated in ways the Chrysler 300 cannot match.

With the sharp angles and muscular feel of many Nissan models, Brownsville Chrysler shoppers will appreciate Nissan’s aerodynamic approach to creating an athletic design.

While delivering a more refined exterior, Nissan also does not skimp on the interior. The luxurious trim levels offered on a new or used Nissan from Charlie Clark Nissan Brownsville stand above those from a Brownsville Chrysler counterpart.

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Reliability Exceeding Brownsville Chrysler Drivers Experiences

Breaking down the reliability factor, a new or used Nissan from Charlie Clark Nissan Brownsville proves to be the winner when compared with a Chrysler Brownsville drivers may be eyeing. The average annual repair costs on a Brownsville Chrysler can be about 20% higher than for a new or used Nissan model according to some industry experts.

Nissan has developed a reputation for dependability across their entire lineup of vehicles. However, models from Chrysler Brownsville residents might be considering like the Chrysler Pacifica do not score nearly as high.

Actually, according to Consumer Reports, the Chrysler Pacifica is in the bottom ten of reliability. Rather than shoppers in the Rio Grande Valley taking their chances on a Brownsville Chrysler, Charlie Clark Nissan Brownsville features a wide selection of SUV’s that are sure to meet the needs of any driver.

Brownsville Chrysler shoppers looking for the best place to get a great deal in a fun and friendly environment will find exactly that at Charlie Clark Nissan Brownsville. Call 956-303-8234, click over, or come by today!

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