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Standing tall as Toyota's premier plug-in hybrid vehicle (PHEV) since 2012, the Prius Prime brings solid fuel economy and the signature Prius style alongside an eco-friendly disposition. Here we will be looking at what makes the second generation of Prius Prime vehicles stand out as they came into their own with the 2016 model year and 2017 onward are the models you are most likely to find on a used lot due to their popularity proliferating post-redesign where it received the 'Prime' designation in the United States.

Used Toyota Prius Prime Brownsville

Plug In Battery And All Electric Drive

The Prime drives similarly to the already efficient Prius but builds on that foundation by adding capabilities only available with a PHEV. While not a fully electric vehicle, the Prius Prime has incredible hybrid functions and even an all-electric drive mode perfect for commuters and quick trips to the park or supermarket. Unlike many hybrid vehicles, the Prius Prime can go relatively short distances without needing a single drop of gas. Starting with its second generation, the 2017 Prime is reported by the EPA to reach a modest 25 miles in the city on battery. However, that 25-mile limit is only for the older models, as the newer you go with the Prius Prime, the better its plug-in battery gets, reaching an outstanding 39-44 miles on a single e-charge on last year's models.

Prius EV Packed With Practicality

Straddling the bridge between hybrid and electric vehicles, the Prius Prime had a chance to suffer an identity crisis, but that is far from the case. Despite its expanded range of capabilities and reduced impact on the environment, the Prime model is still a Prius and comes with everything you would come to expect from Toyota's premier compact models. These practical features include the following:

• Incredible Milage: 50+ MPG depending upon the model year and driving conditions • Reliability: While older models, primarily those of the first generation of the PHEV Prius variety, can suffer from reliability issues, the maintenance and road reliability of the second-gen Prime come in at five stars and boast some of the lowest repair costs over the lifetime of the car when compared to other similar vehicles. • Safety: According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the Prius Prime is one of the safest vehicles on the road, with every model year scoring between 4.5 - 5 out of five stars. • Technology: While tech constantly evolves, the Prius has always had the latest technology offerings for their respective model years. With 2017 models featuring Apple Car Play and Android Auto before they were standard, the Prius now boasts several driver assistance features and can come armed with an expanded suite of tech on higher-end trims.

Used Toyota Prius Prime Brownsville

The Third Generation

Depending upon your reading, third-generation Prius Prime vehicles may be on used lots, although they are rare and will be hard to find used as the generation started with the 2023 model. Refreshing the look and adding a more rugged feel, the newest gen features an expanded capacity and up to 50% more range on the e-miles. Furthermore, it expands on the safety suite, adding Toyota's new Safety Sense 3.0, which includes several driver assistance and hands-free systems.

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