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The Chevy Bolt has been the Chevrolet brand's premier electric vehicle and is one of the original EVs that helped to blaze the trail into our electric future. Starting in 2017, the Bolt has a relatively short history but has become an essential component of the compact electric vehicle market. Now, you can get your own used Chevy Bolt for as little as $17,000, with prices not often exceeding $25,000 for newer, low-mileage models. So what can you expect from a used Chevy Bolt? Read on to find out more about this tiny but surprising EV.

First Generation (2017 - 2021 Models)

Ranging from the 2017 introductory model to the 2021 lineup, the first generation of the Chevy Bolt set the standard for the upgrades to come. The EPA classification of the Chevy Bolt for all models is a "small station wagon," though GM describes the Bolt as a crossover SUV. The standard models come armed with a small interior of around 130cuft of volume, which is typical for the compact vehicle market. The Bolt seats five, although adults in the back seat may struggle to be comfortable if they're anywhere above 5'10". Comfortably, this vehicle is a solid starter EV and a great city car. However, it may stumble on road trips due to limited travel distances and the older models struggling from the lack of fast charging capabilities.

For 2017 models, you can expect to hit a maximum of 238 miles on a single charge, while the upper end of the 2021 first-gen models can reach a decent EPA-estimated 259 miles on a single battery charge. Most models have a realistic 10%-100% charge time ranging from 9-10 hours on average. Only the higher-end models of the older Chevy Bolts have fast charging as an option, and even then, it is not as common to find as on other, more recent, EV models.

All in all, the first generation of the Chevy Bolt was a great trial run for GM and set the stage for the evolution into what we know today.

Chevy Bolt Brownsville

Second Generation Chevy Bolt (2022-Present)

Starting for the 2022 model year, the Chevy Bolt saw a significant redesign to bring the model into competition with what other EV manufacturers have made standard since the start of the decade. Starting with some exterior facade changes and an interior redesign, the 2022 Bolt moved to also had its tech updated. While the battery was essentially unchanged, with the 2022 model sharing its predecessor's 259-mile range, it has seen several improvements in charging capabilities. First, Chevy improved the standard plug charging time to take about 7.5 hours for a full charge, while all models now come with DC quick charging capabilities. According to GM on fast charging stations, the Chevy Bolt can regenerate 100 miles in as little as 30 minutes.

Sales numbers of the Chevy Bolt tanked in 2018 and then rebounded to have grown steadily over the years, with the 2022 model reportedly selling 38,000 units in the US during its model year.

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