Nissan Sentra vs. Honda Civic

The Honda Civic and Nissan Sentra are veteran cars in the compact sedan market. The Civic is now in its twelfth generation, while the Sentra has had nine iterations over the past decade. So how do these two ultra-successful vehicle brands stand up to one another? Let us explore the latest editions of the Nissan Sentra and Honda Civic to determine which you would be better off buying.

Nissan Sentra Advantages And Features

The Nissan Sentra is a sleek and modern compact sedan that features some of the objectively best-designed looks in a market of very similar looking vehicles. It has a vibrant interior, and a single powertrain option beats the Civic in horsepower and gas mileage. The Sentra pulls ahead of the competition with its unique Nissan 360 standard safety features such as:

  • Intelligent Forward Collision Warning
  • Available Intelligent Around View® Monitor
  • Rear Cross Traffic Alert
  • Blind Spot Warning
  • Class-Exclusive Easy-Fill Tire Alert

Honda Civic Advantages And Features

The Honda Civic is a very standard-looking sedan that fits the mold well without doing anything spectacular. It has a large trunk, plenty of cargo volume, and several trim and engine options. While the Civic does not match up to the Sentra in terms of gas mileage or engine power, it is competent in both while performing slightly better on the road. Finally, the Civic has a slight edge in terms of cargo space.

Civic And Sentra Similarities

Both vehicles have several similar features as they exist in the same class. These equivalent features include:

  • Comfortable seating for up to five adults
  • Extensive infotainment screen options and vibrant digital gauge clusters
  • Flip down back row for additional cargo space.
  • 360 degrees around view exterior cameras, blind spot standard on Sentra and optional on the Civic
  • Android Auto and Apple Car Play standard
  • Optional Bose sound systems, base models have a comparable seven-speaker setup in each
  • 5 Star Safety Features, although the Sentra ranks slightly above
  • Several trim variants, two additional trims on the Civic

Pricing And Warranty

Neither vehicle wins out on security as they offer the same industry standard, regular and powertrain warranties. However, in terms of pricing, they differ quite a bit. The baseline Nissan Sentra for the past two years has come in around $2,000 less than the comparable model of Civic. This trend grows as the more expensive trims of the Civic often become considerably more expensive compared to similar Sentra luxury trims.

Conclusion: The Sentra Vs. Civic Debate

While the Honda Civic is a well-crafted compact sedan, it does not seem to outdo the Sentra. Despite having fewer variant trims than the Civic, the Nissan Sentra has a better-performing base model and is the superior option by a large margin. Further, the conservative nature of the Honda Civic speaks to the brand's tendency to play things safe. Luckily for car buyers everywhere, the Sentra and Nissan are not afraid to push the envelope in design and performance. The lower base price and higher mileage drive the stylish and safer Sentra to the top of the compact sedan market.

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