Why Are My Nissan Dashboard’s Warning Lights On?

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How To Understand Nissan Dashboard Warning Lights and Indicators 

When your dashboard begins to light up with different symbols and icons it can be a bit unsettling. Seeing red and yellow illuminated indicators can make you feel unsafe on the road and worried about what could be going on under the hood of your vehicle. When these indicators come on, you might start to ask yourself questions, such as “Why are my Nissan dashboard’s warning lights on?” This guide will help you learn how to understand your Nissan vehicle’s dashboard warning lights and indicators, so you know just what to do the next time one of these lights flips on in your Nissan Kicks.   

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Red vs Green Nissan Warning Lights 

The different icons on your dashboard will illuminate in different colors, indicating different degrees of necessary attention. Some icons will light up blue, white or green, while other will shine yellow or red. These lights have different colors to them, so you know just based on color how urgent the matter is.  

Depending on the year of your Nissan vehicle, some icons will light up with a blue, white, or green color. When illuminated with one of these three colors the indicator is simply notifying you that a system is engaged. Examples of these would be your brights, cruise control, and turn signals.  

Yellow icons often notify the driver of a non-urgent malfunction, while red lights are signals that something more serious is going on. By noticing color first you can quickly identify what type of situation your vehicle is clueing you in on. 

Nissan Dashboard Warning Lights Symbols Chart 

Chart of Nissan dashboard warning light symbols with "Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) warning light", "Brake warning light", "Charge warning light", "Forward Emergency Braking (FEB) System warning light (if so equipped)", "Low tire pressure warning light", and "Master warning light" text
Chart of Nissan dashboard warning light and indicator light symbols with "Power steering warning light", "Seat belt warning light and chime", "Supplemental air bag warning light", "Front fog light indicator light (if so equipped)", "Front passenger air bag status light", "High beam indicator light (blue)", and "Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL)" text
Chart of Nissan indicator light symbols with "Overdrive OFF indicator light (if so equipped)", "Security indicator light", "Side light and headlight indicator light (green)", "Slip indicator light", "Turn signal/hazard indicator lights", and "Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC) OFF indicator light" text

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Are you noticing a symbol in your vehicle that isn’t included in the chart above? Contact a member of the Charlie Clark Nissan Brownsville service team to learn more about what might be going on beneath the hood of your Nissan. If your Nissan is in need of any type of vehicle service, head over to our scheduling page today.  

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