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With more and more options when it comes to driving an electric vehicle, there are a lot of thoughts floating around about whether or not these new options live up to the claims they make. There is also the misinformation found across the internet about EV’s (electric vehicles) as well.

One example you may have heard is that electric vehicles are actually not good for the environment, because the batteries used to power them require multiple tons of raw materials to manufacture. As these rumors swirl, consumers are looking for the truth about the relationship between EV’s and the environment.

Even when there is some truth to similar claims about the manufacturing process, the conclusion is often misguided. Experts are adamant that the benefits of electric vehicles to the environment far outweigh any potential negative effects.

The Air We Breathe

We all know the impact of releasing direct vehicle emissions into the air from millions of traditional combustion powered engines found in vehicles on the road today. These pollutants attach to fog in the air and can visibly be seen—especially in densely populated areas.

Another type of effect regarding gas-powered vehicles is the impact of the production process itself. The manufacturing of combustion engine vehicles and the operation of mining for oil in order to produce the gasoline to fuel them are proven to release emissions into the air as well.

The processes for manufacturing electric vehicles are proving to make much less of an impact on the environment and leave a smaller footprint. The fact that EV’s require zero fossil-fuel extraction in order to power their engines obviously means less impact as well.

The Future of Batteries is Unknown but Looks Promising

With the electric vehicle market still being relatively new, the life cycles of the lithium-ion batteries is not fully known. However, while these batteries will ultimately lose some of their capacity over time, it is reported that they can be recycle-friendly while even being used to make new batteries.

As the trend continues to climb in popularity, the amount of research and development also skyrockets. Therefore, consumers can be assured that the advancements in both the manufacturing process for electric vehicles and how used batteries are recycled will be a big focus for the industry moving forward.

Renewable energy will continue to be top of mind for electric vehicle manufacturers and governmental agencies as well. This is why even charging stations are becoming more prevalent across the country and smarter as well. Many charging stations even allow EV drivers to control the charging from their smartphone in order to use the minimal amount of electricity needed to keep their electric vehicle topped off.

The Impact on the Environment is Widespread

Did you know that our nation uses almost nine billion barrels of petroleum each year? Yes, that’s billion with a B! The environmental impact of not only extracting the oil from the ground, but the emissions into the air from tankers and other equipment involved in the process is enormous.

Working to grow the EV market creates less of an impact on the environment while also saving us from price spikes caused by either shortages or political factors around the world. As you can see, the use of renewable resources to power our more efficient and more fun to drive electric vehicles has greater influence than just no longer needing to gas up on our commutes.

Being a part of improving the health of everyone is a big motivating factor for drivers choosing to go electric. A cleaner world thanks to less pollution and less reliance on earth-stripping processes means fewer emissions overall that may be contributing to climate change. This means fewer nitrogen oxides and greenhouse gasses like carbon dioxide finding their way into the air.

Charlie Clark Nissan of Brownsville is a dealership that is concerned with the wellbeing of those living in the Rio Grande Valley area and beyond. This commitment to the community means being an advocate for advancements in the electric vehicle market. To learn more about EV options, call, click, or come by today!


Why and When an EV Vehicle Is Better for The Environment | Charlie Clark Nissan Brownsville Blog

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