Charlie Clark Nissan Blog: The Advantages of Buying a Used Car from a Licensed New Car Dealer

The options can be almost dizzying for any buyer looking to purchase a used car. Deciding which route to take—from online marketplaces and auction sites to the shady lot on the corner—can leave your head spinning.

Fortunately, there are some clear benefits to going with a licensed new car dealer when shopping for a used vehicle. From financing to service plans, consider all the advantages of buying from a dealership before heading out the door.

A Licensed Car Dealer Gives Buyers Options

There are several ways in which a licensed new car dealer offers options that a private seller or used car lot cannot. Financing is just one of those options. A licensed car dealer has the means of guaranteeing a vehicle’s title and offering a warranty, which limits the liability for buyers. These often come with the language of certified pre-owned. This peace of mind is not something other sellers can offer.

Licensed dealers also have established relationships with multiple lending institutions, which means the opportunity to choose from different rates and terms can make buying the vehicle you want possible. Without these financing options, you may get stuck in a vehicle you don’t really want, but is all you can afford without the flexibility of financing.

Trade Your Old Car and Avoid the Hassle of Selling it on Your Own

Most buyers have an existing car and dealers have options for what to do with it. Private sellers are obviously not going to accept your old car as a trade-in and smaller lots do not have the same channels for unloading it. A licensed car dealer, however, has multiple options for profiting from your existing vehicle.

Due to these options, a licensed dealer is likely to offer you more money for your old vehicle as a trade-in than smaller lots who will be stuck with an automobile they are unable to offload. With a private seller, you will be forced into getting rid of your old vehicle through a private sale yourself.

Tap into a Wealth of Knowledge and Services

Licensed Car Dealers know the business in and out. Many dealers have been in their community for decades and the long-term relationships they have established are invaluable. Several dealers offer incentives on future service for used or certified vehicles thanks to their in-house service departments.

Thanks to connections in the community with suppliers and parts providers, licensed dealers can either provide or point you to reputable shops for accessories. For example, tinted windows and other safety features can be made available for the vehicle you purchase even if not included on the vehicle.

While a private seller is trying to exchange cash as soon as possible and then be free of the car when the deal is done, a licensed car dealer can’t hide from you after the purchase. Rather, a dealer wants to make it right and is concerned with their reputation, which is heavily influenced by after-sale customer care.

Especially in the age of Yelp and with the weight of online reviews, dealers have future sales to consider when serving current customers. The desire for and dependence on repeat business gives a licensed car dealer incentive to make sure buyers are fully satisfied with their purchase.

When you are ready to choose a used or certified pre-owned vehicle to replace your current ride, Charlie Clark Nissan Brownsville provides a variety of options to suit every buyer’s needs. Call Charlie Clark Nissan Brownsville at (956) 295-3028 or browse our website for an easy, fast, and contact-free buying experience.


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Charlie Clark Nissan Blog: The Advantages of Buying a Used Car from a Licensed New Car Dealer

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