What Are the Differences Between Buying and Leasing a New Nissan Vehicle?

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Differences Between Buying and Leasing Your Nissan

Are you thinking about getting a new Nissan vehicle? If so, then you might be interested in either buying a new Nissan by financing the purchase or just leasing a new Nissan for a few years and moving on to another vehicle. The staff here at Charlie Clark Nissan of Brownsville is here to help you understand the differences between buying and leasing a new Nissan vehicle. Let’s get started!

Benefits of Purchasing a New Nissan Vehicle

There are a few benefits for customers who decided to purchase a new Nissan vehicle by financing the purchase cost through Nissan SignaturePURCHASE. Some of these key benefits are highlighted in the list below.

  • No mileage limitation
  • Vehicle customization is an option
  • Don’t worry about any wear-and-use charges
  • Auto insurance limits are typically much lower than for leases
  • Freedom to sell, trade, or transfer the title and vehicle whenever you like

Benefits of Leasing a New Nissan Vehicle

If you believe that leasing a new Nissan vehicle is a better fit for your needs, then there are several benefits that you can take advantage of by taking this route as well! Some of the key benefits associated with leasing a new Nissan vehicle through SignatureLEASE include:

  • Tax benefits if the leased vehicle is used for business purposes
  • Only pay for the portion of the vehicle’s life that you actually use
  • Ability to spread applicable sales taxes across monthly payment options
  • Lease a higher trim Nissan vehicle for the same purchase cost as a lower trim
  • Take advantage of end-of-lease options, including purchasing the vehicle or starting a new lease

If you would like to learn more about the key benefits and differences associated with buying and leasing a new Nissan vehicle, then you should contact our staff here at Charlie Clark Nissan of Brownsville today!

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